Dentoalveolar surgery is the surgical management of diseases of the teeth and their supporting hard (ie. bone) and soft (ie. gum, muscle) tissues.

Tooth extraction, especially, complex tooth extraction, is the most common type of dento-alveolar surgery.  It may be recommended as a treatment for teeth that are crowded, diseased beyond restoration, impacted and un-erupted, or supernumerary (extra).  A tooth that falls to emerge or fully break through the gum tissue is, by definition, “impacted”.  While this is a common problem associated with third molars, or wisdom teeth, which are the last teeth to develop and erupt into the mouth, other teeth can also become impacted.

Our referring surgeons have extensive surgical training and experience in diagnosing and extracting any type of teeth.  Whether the extraction is simple or complicated by impaction, disease or infection they have the surgical skills to provide the best treatment plan available to remove them the most effective way possible.


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