Clear or Ceramic braces are a combination of the most tried and tested orthodontic technology providing clear or tooth coloured brackets to provide an efficient yet inconspicuous look.

While some cosmetic orthodontic treatments are only suitable to correct minor concerns, ceramic braces can be used to correct almost all orthodontic problems. Traditional braces are generally considered to be the fastest and most reliable way of straightening teeth, yet many people don’t like the obvious appearance of traditional metal brackets. That’s why clear braces have become so popular; they use traditional orthodontic technology and can be used to treat a number of orthodontic concerns including misaligned bites and significant crooks in the teeth. And with the clear or tooth coloured brackets, they are significantly more discreet meaning you can get all the benefits from traditional braces without the obvious impact on your appearance.

Achieve dramatic results in the shortest possible time

The technology used in clear braces is often so effective that our patients can enjoy a reduced duration of treatment time when compared to other cosmetic options. Same as traditional metal braces, the pressure applied to the teeth by the wire is so effective it encourages the teeth to move and stay in place faster than with other treatments.


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