A dental intraoral camera provides you and our dentists with an upclose look at exactly what matters most. Used both during procedures and as a technique to assess the condition of your mouth and teeth, intraoral cameras help us spot problems before they arise or to perform a less invasive preventative intervention as issues arise.

How Does it Work?

An intraoral camera is a small wand-like device that can be easily threaded throughout the mouth. Images captured on the camera are blown up and displayed on an LED monitor for closer inspection. This technology is more powerful than traditional x-rays, as it allows us to capture the nuances of the mouth, gums and teeth to an unparalleled degree. This allows our dentists the ability to design more targeted and specific treatment plans.

Intraoral cameras are essential diagnosis and patient education tools. They are also essential in designing more powerful patient record files, as they can be easily pulled for consultations with other providers when needed. They are also incredibly useful for dental specialists like maxillofacial surgeons, who can examine our records before even meeting you and better prepare for a pre-surgical consultation. 


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