Traditional braces are the reliable and trusted way to straighten your smile.

Traditional metal braces can address a number of alignment concerns. They are powerful and can attain the most dramatic results in the shortest amount of time.

Metal braces straighten teeth with constant pressure. Each tooth is fitted with a bracket which holds an archwire in place with the help of a ligature. The archwire will be tightened and adjusted each time you visit your dentist. In this way, you will slowly achieve the smile you are aiming for. Metal braces are useful for patients with severe malocclusion or severe crookedness given how strong and durable they are.

Braces are an effective orthodontic treatment that has been highly developed over time. They are now smaller in size which helps with keeping your teeth clean and they are more comfortable than before. It also means they are less conspicuous than they used to be.

Traditional braces can often be the most cost-effective option when choosing to straighten your teeth. As this treatment option has been so thoroughly tried and tested, the technology has become quite affordable. Combine this with their precision and strength and it is no wonder why they are still the most used orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontic treatment has traditionally been performed mostly on children and teenagers. While this is still the best time to identify and treat these issues, we now, find that adult orthodontics is rapidly growing in popularity. Adult orthodontic treatment typically takes longer as the jaw and facial bones have stopped developing; however, you are still able to achieve a straight and beautiful smile.

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A thorough examination is essential to determine if traditional metal braces are the appropriate treatment for you. Together we will discuss the different options and decide on the right one for you. 

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